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IceStation ITSENCLOSURES TITAN family of Products

Our NEMA rated PC enclosures, like the IceStation TITAN Family of products, are ideal for any and all environments
where dust, dirt and exposure to liquids or corrosives are present.

ITSENCLOSURES' products will protect your investment and allow you to maximize the life of your electronics.  READ MORE


ITSENCLOSURES VIEWSTATION family of LCD enclosure products

ViewStation products provide vandal proof, all-weather LCD enclosures, outdoor digital menu boards, protective LCD covers and kiosk solutions for all of your digital signage protection needs!

Whether inside or out, large or small, commercial or retail, the ViewStation family will provide a solution with customization to the fullest.  READ MORE

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Image8 Step Guide to Finding the Right Industrial Enclosure Supplier

Hardware performance and functionality, in general, does not vary much between companies, but there are many options and price points available. On the other hand, hardware is useless if the software loaded on it is difficult to use or if customer support is not readily available. The same issues ring true for selecting an industrial enclosure for a manufacturing environment. Purchasing an enclosure from a "big-name" supplier does not mean that the enclosure is the best fit for the equipment...READ MORE

Using Clean Electricity to Power Outdoor Digital Menu Boards

Generally speaking, there are two types of power: clean and dirty. Clean electricity is any electrical power that is free from any noise, voltage spikes, and/or drops.Therefore, voltage ripple or noise that is outside the ideal "sine waveform" is sometimes referred to as dirty electricity. ...READ MORE

Image3 Considerations for Cable Entry on Computer Enclosures
How will cables be managed and inserted into a computer enclosure? In an industrial or manufacturing environment, a great deal of planning goes into designing a heavy-duty enclosure system for electronics. One very important step that can be overlooked, during the design stage, is how power and/or network cables will enter a NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X enclosure....READ MORE

Image4 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs Outdoor Digital Menu Boards
Millions and millions of people visit quick service restaurants each and every day. For example, did you know that McDonald's feeds 68 million people every day, and sells more than 75 burgers every second? That is a lot of people and sandwiches! We are not even counting Arby's, Wendy's, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, KFC, In-N-Out Burger, Taco Bell, and Hardy's...READ MORE

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