IceStation Computer Enclosures & Cabinets

The IceStation industrial enclosure line offers a product that is perfect for any environment! With options ranging in NEMA 12, 4 & 4X, you can protect your PC and other electronics from dust, humidity, liquids and corrosive materials. The IceStation line of enclosure products ranges in size from small form desktop to stand-up units.

Not sure where to start? We would be happy to help you design an enclosure to best meet your needs. For more information, consult your ITSENCLOSURES' sales representative at 1-800-423-9911 -OR- email:


IceStation Titan Computer Enclosure by ITSENCLOSURESIceStation TITAN Family

We have expanded our most popular enclosure line, the IceStation TITAN, to include a NEMA 12 desktop, NEMA 04, and NEMA 4X version! Any of our IceStation TITAN PC enclosures will protect your electronics from harmful dust, dirt, grease, sparks and splashing fluids.



IceStation Desktop TITAN - ID303130-12Desktop PC & Monitor Enclosures

Our desktop line includes enclosures for PC's, monitors and a combination of both! Depending on your needs, we offer NEMA 12, 4 & 4X ratings for our industrial desktop enclosures. 



IceStation Freestanding Computer Enclosures by ITSENCLOSURESFreestanding Computer Enclosures

Our freestanding enclosures are available with or without integrated keyboard drawers to protect your PC, monitor, and keyboard.




IceStation NEMA 4X Sloped Top Computer Enclosures by ITSENCLOSURESSloped Top PC & Monitor Enclosures

Our NEMA 4X stainless steel sloped top enclosures are ideal for wash down applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.




IceStation IO28 Flat Panel Monitor Enclosures by ITSENCLOSURESFlat Panel Monitor Enclosures

Tight on space? Choose an enclosure that is designed around the use of a flat panel monitor and small form PC or an all-in-one panel PC. 




IceStation Printer Enclosures by ITSENCLOSURESPrinter Cabinet Enclosures

Don't forget about your printers!  ITSENCLOSURES can provide the same NEMA rating quality for your unique printer applications. 




IceStation Rack Mount Server Enclosures by ITSENCLOSURESRack Mount Enclosures

ITSENCLOSURES offers several dust free and cooled rack enclosures that provide a secure environment for your electronic equipment.  Ideal for industrial settings, the rack enclosures offer easy access while maintaining security. 





Hinged Printer Door for Computer Enclosures by ITSENCLOSURESIceStation Enclosure Accessories

ITSENCLOSURES offers a number of accessories that will compliment your computer enclosure.  Options include custom doors, shelving, power strips and various mounting solutions.




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