IceStation Product Spotlights

Product Spotlight: Desktop Computer Enclosure (ID32-12) 

ID32 Desktop Computer Enclosure PC EnclosureMt. Pleasant, PA (August 17, 2018)  Fabricating enclosures since 1985, ITSENCLOSURES is pleased to highlight another desktop enclosure from the IceStation line: the ID32-12. The NEMA 12 ID32 will protect electronics in various industrial settings by battling against dust, dirt, splashing fluids, lint, and fibers in the air.

Constructed out of heavy-duty 14-gauge steel with 12-gauge doors, the computer/monitor enclosure measures 32" High by 28" Wide by 26" Deep.


Product Spotlight: Stainless-Steel, Desktop Computer Enclosure (ID42-4X)

Sloped-top Stainless-Steel Desktop Computer Enclosure ID42-4X ITSENCLOSURESMt. Pleasant, PA (May 29, 2018)  For over thirty years, ITSENCLOSURES (Integration Technology Systems) has been the front-runner in designing and fabricating unique computer and monitor enclosures, including the NEMA 4X ID42 desktop enclosure. The 304 stainless-steel (#3F vertical finish) IceStation ID42-4X pc/monitor enclosure is designed to meet the challenges of the harshest environments.

The desktop ID42-4X will safely enclose a monitor, computer, mouse, and keyboard in a manufacturing environment, while protecting electronics from dust, dirt, hose directed fluids, and corrosive materials. The enclosure measures 42-inches high by 26-inches wide by 26-inches deep.  READ MORE

Product Spotlight: Industrial Flat Panel Monitor Enclosures for 22" Monitor

io29 interface operator lcd monitor enclosures itsenclosures stainless steel icestationMt Pleasant, PA (January 31, 2018) – ITSENCLOSURES has been engineering durable enclosures for over three decades and the company's IceStation line of products are the leader in heavy-duty, industrial computer, monitor, and printer enclosures. ITSENCLOSURES' best-selling monitor enclosure line includes the IO28268 flat panel monitor enclosure, available in both NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X.

The IO28 enclosure can be deployed outdoors or indoors and is specifically designed to protect a wide screen monitor (up to 22 inches) and a thin client computer. Ideal for areas with limited space, the enclosure measures 28" High x 26" Wide x 8" Deep.  READ MORE

Product Spotlight: Stainless-Steel IceStation TITAN Computer Enclosure (NEMA 4X)

IceStation TITAN - NEMA 4X - Stainless Steel ThumbMt Pleasant, PA (December 29, 2017) -- ITSENCLOSURES (Integration Technology Systems) engineers and fabricates the most heavy-duty pc enclosures, monitor enclosures, thermal label printer enclosures, and electronic enclosures on the market.

Designed specifically for washdown environments, the NEMA 4X IceStation TITAN (IS603027-4X) enclosure body is constructed out of 14-gauge, type 304 stainless-steel and 12-gauge doors with a #3F vertical finish. The computer enclosure stands 60" high by 28" wide by 27" deep, with a sloped top for cleaning and water run-off.  READ MORE

Product Spotlight: Industrial Flat Panel Monitor Enclosures

flat panel monitor enclosure itsenclosures icestation NEMA 4 enclosureMt. Pleasant, PA (June 30, 2017) -- Designing and fabricating durable enclosures since 1985, ITSENCLOSURES is the leader in the industrial and manufacturing sector for NEMA 12, 4 and 4X computer enclosures. The heavy-duty IceStation brand continues to shine with various identities and sizes of enclosures, including the IO292813 flat panel monitor enclosure, available in both NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X.

The IO29 enclosures are perfect for protecting a wide screen monitor up to 25 inches and a small profile PC. Ideal for limited space environments, both dependable enclosures measure 29" H x 28" W x 12" D. Built to meet NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X standards, the IO29 enclosures feature a sloped top design for wash down applications and to prevent water pooling.   READ MORE

Product Spotlight: Desktop TITAN Computer Enclosure

desktop titan computer pc enclosure itsenclosures icestation Mt. Pleasant, PA (March 29, 2017) -- For over 3 decades, ITSENCLOSURES has been a leader in the engineering and fabrication of computer and electronic enclosures. ITSENCLOSURES' products keep vital systems running smoothly in any industrial setting. The IceStation Desktop TITAN (ID303130-12) is the most modern product that encloses a monitor, keyboard, and computer in a manufacturing environment. The NEMA 12 desktop enclosure protects electronics and defends against dust, dirt, grease, splashing fluids and other harsh contaminants. It measures 31-inches high by 30-inches wide by 30-inches deep. For a smooth installation, the efficient Desktop TITAN can be placed on a desk, workspace, table, or mounted on a mobile or bolt down pedestal.  READ MORE

Product Spotlight: PB20 NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Printer Box Enclosure

Stainless Steel Printer Box Enclosure NEMA 4X Enclosure ITSENCLOSURESMt. Pleasant, PA (December 22, 2016) -- With over 3 decades of industrial enclosure engineering and experience, ITSENCLOSURES is pleased to introduce another heavy-duty product in the IceStation line: the NEMA 4X PB20 stainless steel printer enclosure box.

The state-of-the-art enclosure is designed specifically for the protection of label barcode printers, on a harsh factory floor, including Zebra thermal transfer barcode printers. The PB20-4X enclosure is fabricated out of 304 stainless steel and measures 20" High by 20" Wide by 24" Deep.  READ MORE


Product Spotlight: The IP12 PC Tower Enclosure

IP12 Computer Enclosure ITSENCLOSURES IceStation PC EnclosureMt. Pleasant, PA (August 29, 2016) -- ITSENCLOSURES, the leader in innovative enclosure design and fabrication, continues to successfully market and sell heavy-duty, industrial computer enclosures in the IceStation line, including the NEMA 12 IP12. The efficient PC tower enclosure is designed to enclose various sizes of computer towers. The IP12 measures 28-inches high by 12-inches wide by 26-inches deep.

The key lockable front door allows for easy access and maintains the utmost in equipment security. The front door opening measures 23-inches high by 8½-inches wide.  READ MORE

Product Spotlight: IS56 Rack Mount Enclosure

IceStation Product Spotlight Freestanding Computer Enclosure ITSENCLOSURESMt. Pleasant, PA (May 31, 2016) -- With over three decades of enclosure knowledge, ITSENCLOSURES is eager to focus on another popular industrial product in the IceStation line: the NEMA 12 IS56 Freestanding Computer Enclosure. This product has been in the ITSENCLOSURES product line for over two decades and is designed to accommodate a computer, monitor, printer, and various other vital electronics. The IS56 measures 56" High x 26" Wide x 26" Deep. The freestanding computer enclosure comes standard with 3 adjustable, vented shelves for flexibility of positioning important equipment.  READ MORE


Product Spotlight: IR72 Rack Mount Enclosure

IceStation Rack Mount Enclosure ITSENCLOSURES Mt. Pleasant, PA (March 31, 2016) -- With over three decades of expertise in the industrial enclosure market, ITSENCLOSURES is pleased to showcase one of the many popular rack mount enclosures in the IceStation line: the NEMA 12 IR72192438. This multipurpose enclosure is designed to effectively enclose various electronics or rack mount equipment. The IR72 enclosure is constructed out of heavy-duty 12 gauge steel with 16 gauge steel side panels.

The enclosure's gasket sealed side panels can be removed, in order to bolt together multiple units. The dimensions of the enclosure are 72"H x 24"W x 38"D.  READ MORE

Product Spotlight: IS36 Printer Enclosure

IceStation IS362626 NEMA 12 Printer Enclosure by ITSENCLOSURESMt. Pleasant, PA (February 29, 2016) -- With 31 years of enclosure expertise, ITSENCLOSURES is delighted to focus on another popular industrial product in the IceStation line: the NEMA 12 IS36 Printer Enclosure. This versatile enclosure is designed to adequately house a printer, computer and various peripherals. The IS36 is constructed out of 14 gauge steel and measures 36-inches high by 26-inches wide by 26-inches deep. With included castors, the enclosure stands approximately 40-inches high.

The IS36 enclosure comes standard with two adjustable, vented shelves for flexibility when positioning key equipment. When using the enclosure to house a printer, sliding shelf brackets can be added to effortlessly access the printer to change media and labels.  READ MORE

Product Spotlight: IR40 Rack Mount Enclosure

IceStation IR40192438 NEMA 12 Industrial Rack Mount Enclosure by ITSENCLOSURESMt. Pleasant, PA (December 30, 2015) -- With over 30 years of enclosure experience, ITSENCLOSURES is thrilled to focus on another successful product in the IceStation line: the IR40 Rack Mount Enclosure. Constructed out of heavy-duty 12 gauge steel, the rack mount enclosure measures 40" High by 24" Wide by 42" Deep, making it one of the deepest enclosures in the ITSENCLOSURES line of products.

The IR40 is perfect for various industrial settings. This dust proof enclosure is equipped with 19inch wide fully-adjustable mounting rails with 20U or 35 inches of interior rack mount space. The front door features a full view glass window and both the front and back doors have two key locking latches.  READ MORE

Product Spotlight: PB20 Printer Enclosure

PB202024-12 Printer Box Enclosure - Product Spotlight - Barcode PrinterMt. Pleasant, PA (November 30, 2015) -- With over 30 years of enclosure experience, ITSENCLOSURES is proud to shine a spotlight on another successful product in the IceStation line: the NEMA 12 PB20 Printer Enclosure. This innovative product is a printer enclosure designed specifically for barcode printers. The enclosure is constructed out of 14 gauge steel and measures 20" High by 20" Wide by 24" Deep.

The PB20 offers an adjustable 20 inch extended sliding shelf, which provides easy access to the printer and media (labels). The sliding shelf will support bar code printers that weigh up to 80 pounds. A lockable front door features a tough polycarbonate window with a convenient label slot for the printed materials and labels. A fastener secured split entry panel on the lower back allows for dust tight cable and wire entry.  READ MORE


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