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ITSENCLOSURES Introduces 55" Portrait Style Outdoor Digital Signage

Mt. Pleasant, PA (April 8, 2019) – Since 2007, ViewStation by ITSENCLOSURES has been successfully manufacturing outdoor digital signage for various restaurants, museums, stadiums, and transportation sectors across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. To stay ahead of the competitive and ever-evolving digital race, ViewStation is introducing an all-new product - The ViewStation VS-6. The innovative system revolutionizes outdoor signage and is currently available in one screen or two screen configurations.  

With a custom, built-to-last base, the sixth-generation digital signage is designed for a smooth and uncomplicated deployment. A customer would only need to run a 30-amp cord to the signage. The outdoor rated (IP56 certified) monitor offers protection against snow, rain, ice, and salty air. The VS-6 can be integrated into virtually any outdoor environment!  READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Introduces NEMA 4 Printer Box Enclosure

Printer Enclosures PB28-04 NEMA 4 IceStation ITSENCLOSURESMt. Pleasant, PA (January 9, 2019) – ITSENCLOSURES, the leader of American made industrial printer cabinets for barcode printers and desktop printers, has announced the latest product in a long line of high-quality printer enclosures: the PB282626-04, a NEMA 4 cabinet that protects and guards against dust, dirt, grease, hose directed water, and most weather conditions like rain and snow.

The cabinet is designed to shield desktop laser printers (such as Brother, Canon, HP, and Ricoh) and thermal transfer label printers (such as Zebra, Cognitive, Honeywell, and Intermec), on dusty, dirty, and wet factory floors. The PB28-04 enclosure is fabricated out of 14-gauge painted steel and the outside dimensions measure 28" high by 26" wide by 26" deep. READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Introduces New Desktop Rack Mount Enclosure

IR26 desktop rack mount enclosure icestation itsenclosuresMt. Pleasant, PA (June 29, 2018) – Designing and developing the most durable enclosures on the market, ITSENCLOSURES has announced another tough, heavy-duty enclosure: the IceStation IR262428-12, a NEMA 12 desktop rack mount enclosure.

The IceStation desktop rack enclosure is designed to shield and protect rack mountable electronics in harsh and dirty factory facilities. The IR26-12 is fabricated out of 14-gauge painted steel (black powder coated) and measures 26" high by 24" wide by 28" deep.  READ MORE


ITSENCLOSURES Introduces New Printer Box Enclosure for Zebra Printers

pb262426-12 printer box enclosure barcode label printer desktop laser printerMt. Pleasant, PA (May 16, 2018) – ITSENCLOSURES, an innovator of durable, NEMA rated enclosures for industrial environments, is proud to announce another heavy-duty, IceStation enclosure: the PB262426-12, a NEMA Type-12 printer enclosure.

The ultra-modern product is designed to shield and protect label barcode printers, on harsh and dirty factory floors, including Zebra thermal transfer barcode printers. The PB26-12 enclosure is fabricated out of 14-gauge painted steel and measures 26" high by 24" wide by 28" deep. The maximum printer dimensions for the PB26-12 are 21" high by 20" wide by 22" deep.  READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Introduces TITAN Dual Monitor Enclosure for Wall or Desk

ID215412 Dual Monitor Enclosures IceStation ITSENCLOSURES TITAN two widescreen monitorsMt. Pleasant, PA (November 27, 2017) -- A leader in the industrial enclosure market, ITSENCLOSURES engineers and builds the most durable, high-quality computer enclosures on the market. ITSENCLOSURES continues to add new products to the best-selling IceStation TITAN family with the introduction of the TITAN dual monitor enclosure. The NEMA 12 dual monitor enclosure protects against dust, dirt, grease, fibers in the air, and splashing fluids.

Designed specifically to house two 27" widescreen monitors side by side, the dual monitor (ID215412-12) enclosure body is constructed out of heavy-duty 14-gauge welded steel and 12-gauge door thickness.  READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Launches New Website Store for Spare Parts

ITSENCLOSURE IceStation Surge Protector Spare Parts Store AccessoriesMt. Pleasant, Pa (October 09, 1017) -- In business for over thirty years, ITSENCLOSURES recently launched an online store on the company's website ( that allows customers to purchase select replacement parts.

The website store carries various spare parts and accessories for ITSENCLOSURES' IceStation line of products. Available accessories include thermal management tools, such as filtered fan systems, replacement fans, filters, and thermostats. Additional products, on the store page, include surge protectors, USB connectors, and industrial keyboards. Most of the items on the website are 'always in stock' and can ship to customers within 1-2 days.  READ MORE

Chefette, Barbados QSR Chain, Installs Fan Cooled Outdoor Digital Menu Boards

Chefette Barbados Quick Service Restaurant Chain Installs Fan Cooled Outdoor Digital Menu BoardsMt. Pleasant, PA (September 29, 2017) -- As ITSENCLOSURES continues to fabricate and deploy digital signage throughout the United States and abroad, a returning customer, Chefette Restaurants, recently added more outdoor digital menu boards to its chain of quick service restaurants. 

Originally founded in 1972, Chefette Restaurants, the largest quick service restaurant in the Caribbean island nation of Barbados, operates 15 locations across the island of Barbados and employs over 850 people. Chefette deployed its first round of digital signage in the first quarter of 2013 at 10 drive-thru locations. The deployment included indoor and outdoor digital signage in portrait orientation and consisted of a mix of triple screen outdoor menu boards and single display pre-sale digital boards, both with 46-inch high-bright monitors.  READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Adds More Dynamic Digital Signage at Ohio State University

Ohio Stadium Ohio State University OSU ViewStation ITSENCLOSURES lcd enclosureMt. Pleasant, PA (August 30, 2017) -- With a proven digital track record for over a decade, ITSENCLOSURES continues to deploy outdoor digital signage across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. The most recent installation occurred, this month, at Ohio Stadium, the home of the Ohio State Buckeyes.

The project took approximately 8 months from start to finish. In December of 2016, The Ohio State University (OSU), located in Columbus, Ohio, contacted ITSENCLOSURES regarding a potential new project for the university's football stadium. OSU received the necessary funding for the project in the first quarter of 2017. With competition from two other enclosure manufacturers, ITSENCLOSURES won the business and secured the project based on cost, enclosure quality, and a previous successful relationship.  READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Deploys Outdoor Digital Menu Board at Arizona's 'Backyard Taco'

outdoor digital menu board at backyard taco gilbert arizona viewstation itsenclosuresMt. Pleasant, PA (July 31, 2017) -- With over 10 years of outdoor LCD enclosure experience, ITSENCLOSURES continues to proudly deploy outdoor digital menu boards at many well-known quick service restaurants (QSRs) throughout America, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Backyard Taco, located in Gilbert, Arizona, is the latest quick service restaurant to install ITSENCLOSURES' innovative ViewStation QSR three screen digital menu board. According to the Backyard Taco website, the family owned restaurant strives to make the most delicious tacos with the best ingredients.  READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Introduces New Digital Signage Kiosk Solution: InfoStation

Infostation interactive kiosk itsenclosures viewstation touchscreenMt. Pleasant, PA (May 31, 2017) -- For over three decades, ITSENCLOSURES (Integration Technology Systems) has been engineering and manufacturing digital signage enclosures for customers.

ITSENCLOSURES is excited to introduce the latest revolution in touchscreen kiosk technology, the 'InfoStation' Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk. The heavy-duty kiosk solution is meant for indoor use and features a free-standing base.

From wayfinding, to directories, to up-to-the-minute social media, to functional web pages, the InfoStation interactive digital signage is a versatile tool to bring information to consumers.  READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Introduces the Dual Screen IceStation TITAN Hammerhead Computer Enclosure

IceStation TITAN Hammerhead Dual Monitor Freestanding Computer PC EnclosureMt. Pleasant, PA (April 26, 2017) -- For over three decades, ITSENCLOSURES (Integration Technology Systems) has been engineering and fabricating the most heavy-duty computer enclosures on the market. ITSENCLOSURES continues to add to the popular TITAN family with the introduction of  the 'Hammerhead' â€" the new dual monitor NEMA 12 freestanding computer enclosure. The 'Hammerhead' protects against dust, dirt, grease, and splashing fluids.

With the ability to store two 27" widescreen monitors side by side, the TITAN 'Hammerhead's' (IS615427-12) enclosure body is constructed out of 14-gauge welded steel and 12-gauge door thickness, and stands 61" high x 54" wide (bottom portion is 29.5" wide) x 27" deep.  READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Deploys Digital Signage at Pennsylvania Funeral Home

Mt. Pleasant, PA (February 28, 2017) -- ITSENCLOSURES, a digital signage hardware expert, installed an all-weather, LCD enclosure at the front entrance of The Frank Kapr Funeral Home. The digital signage displays brief obituaries with visiting hours and also events.

Frank Kapr Funeral Home, located on West Pittsburgh Street in Scottdale, Pennsylvania, has been in operation for over 6 decades. Wanting to take advantage of the flexibility of digital signage to instantly change and revise content, the funeral home installed a consumer grade, residential, HDTV to present obituaries and announcements. The indoor monitor was mounted outdoors on the front porch railing, but was not a 'high bright,' commercial monitor. For this reason, it was nearly impossible to see during the day.

ITSENCLOSURES is Exclusive Salad Bar Kiosk Provider for Jason's Deli

ITSENCLOSURES Salad Bar Kiosk Jasons DeliMt. Pleasant, PA (February 7, 2017) -- In 2013, ITSENCLOSURES began deploying salad bar ordering kiosks at Jason's Deli restaurants across the country. The stand is designed around Jason's Deli's existing 'Point of Sale' system and provides ease of use for customers to order a salad with all of the fixings, various drinks, and hot soup. Jason's Deli, a gourmet sandwich shop with


ITSENCLOSURES Introduces the NEMA 4 TITAN Computer Enclosure to Impressive Product Lineup

NEMA 04 TITAN PRESS RELEASE ICESTATION ITSENCLOSURESMt Pleasant, PA (November 14, 2016) -- Since 1985, ITSENCLOSURES (Integration Technology Systems) has been designing and building the toughest computer, monitor, printer, and electronics' enclosures on the market. ITSENCLOSURES is pleased to add  the NEMA 4 TITAN freestanding computer enclosure to the popular TITAN family. The NEMA 4 TITAN protects against dust, dirt, grease, and hose directed water in an industrial setting.

The NEMA 4 TITAN (IS602827-04) enclosure body is constructed out of 14-gauge welded steel and 12-gauge door thickness, and stands 60" High x 28" Wide x 27" Deep. The enclosure finish is a polyester powder paint available in blue, gray, or any custom RAL color.  READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES is Exclusive Supplier of Digital Signage Enclosures at CMAX Bus Stops

COTA CMAX CENTRAL OHIO TRANSIT AUTHORITY LCD ENCLOSURE ITSENCLOSURES VIEWSTATIONMt Pleasant, PA (October 25, 2016) -- ITSENCLOSURES, the leader in outdoor LCD enclosures, is named the exclusive supplier of high-bright LCD enclosures for COTA, the Central Ohio Transit Authority's new CMAX rapid transit bus stops. CMAX will improve transit service and provide more options for travelers. The project has been in the works for over two years and is expected to be completed the first quarter of 2018.

In the summer of 2014, COTA contacted ITSENCLOSURES about deploying digital signage at the new CMAX bus stops around the city of Columbus, Ohio.  READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Installs Digital Signage Kiosk at the Columbus International Airport

ITSENCLOSURES Kiosk COTA John Glen Columbus International AirportMt Pleasant, PA (September 30, 2016) -- ITSENCLOSURES, the leader in outdoor digital signage enclosures, recently deployed an all-weather LCD enclosure at the John Glenn Columbus International Airport, located at 4600 International Gateway in Columbus, Ohio. The LCD enclosure was commissioned by COTA, The Central Ohio Transit Authority,  to display bus schedules for airplane passengers traveling to downtown Columbus.

In the winter of 2016, COTA contacted ITSENCLOSURES about installing a digital sign at one of the COTA bus stop terminals at the airport.  READ MORE

Automotive Glass Supplier Adds TITAN Computer Enclosures to the Plant Floor

IceStation TITAN ITSENCLOSURES PC EnclosureMt. Pleasant, PA (July 29, 2016) -- ITSENCLOSURES, the leader in heavy-duty computer, printer, and monitor enclosure protection, recently deployed freestanding NEMA 12 IceStation TITAN enclosures at a few automotive glass manufacturer plants, located in the Midwest of the United States.

The automotive glass plant is an OEM glass supplier to major auto manufacturers, including General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Audi, Volkswagen, and Mercedes, just to name a few. The plant contacted ITSENCLOSURES about installing a freestanding computer enclosure that would protect electronics and withstand harsh everyday use on a manufacturing floor.  READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Donates Part of the Cost of Kiosk for Vietnam Veteran Memorial at Chartiers Valley School District

Wayfinding Kiosk ViewStation by ITSENCLOSURESMt. Pleasant, PA (June 21, 2016) -- With over three decades of enclosure experience, ITSENCLOSURES has many successful installations in quick service restaurants, transit stations, malls, war memorials, airports, and stadiums throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. The latest deployment is at Chartiers Valley High School, located at 50 Thoms Run Road in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, where a touchscreen kiosk was installed to commemorate those who gave their lives for America during the Vietnam War.  

The kiosk installation was a project that students have been researching and planning for a significant period of time. Students participated in fundraising efforts to raise enough money to install the kiosk on the school campus.  READ MORE


Technology offers a new way to honor veterans in Westmoreland County

Outdoor Digital Enclosure ViewStation ITSENCLOSURESMt. Pleasant, PA (May 27, 2016) -- By Len Barcousky / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette --

The iconic Doughboy statue overlooking Mount Pleasant Borough has a great view of a new, high-tech way to honor veterans.

The 35-foot-tall monument stands in the center of the Westmoreland County borough at the intersection of Main and Diamond streets. The World War I soldier standing atop the stone pillar can look down on the borough's Veterans Park and its "digital wall."  READ MORE



ITSENCLOSURES Introduces Brand New Website

IceStation Standup Freestanding Enclosures Computer Enclosures ITSENCLOSURESMt. Pleasant, PA (April 21, 2016) -- Since 1985, ITSENCLOSURES (Integration Technology Systems) has been skillfully engineering and manufacturing the most heavy-duty and innovative computer, printer, LCD, server, and electronic enclosures on the market.

ITSENCLOSURES is proud to announce the launch of the company's all-new, mobile friendly, responsive website,

While the URL remains the same, the website has a renewed look and feel with easier navigation on any device.  READ MORE


The Fifth Annual "Leadership in Automation" Awards Recogonize "First Team Honorees

ITSENCLOSURES named top enclosure provider by Automation WorldChicago, IL (January 20, 2016) -- PMMI Media Group's Automation World magazine is pleased to announce the First Team category leaders in the 2015 Leadership in Automation Program. Automation World, the leading business magazine serving automation professionals, launched this community-based program in January 2015. Automation professionals were invited to vote for their favorite automation vendors in unaided-recall surveys. Over two dozen categories are featured, representing the wide variety of automation technologies, software and products in use by today's manufacturing professionals across the discrete, batch and continuous process manufacturing industries.  READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Introduces the Fourth Generation QSR Outdoor Digital Menu Boards

Outdoor Digital Menu Board by ITSENCLOSURESMt. Pleasant, PA (October 29, 2015) -- For over 30 years, ITSENCLOSURES has been engineering and producing the most heavy-duty and innovative electronic enclosures on the market. ViewStation 'Outdoor Digital Menu Boards' by ITSENCLOSURES have been impressing drive-thru customers for almost 10 years with deployments at many popular quick service restaurants throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. 

To stay ahead of the curve and competition, ITSENCLOSURES recently introduced its FOURTH generation ViewStation QSR enclosure line, which is sleeker, more energy efficient and better than ever before.

With a custom base, the brand new Fourth Generation QSR enclosures are manufactured to be easily customizable for stress-free deployment and have the ability to be one, two, three, or four displays wide. Unlike previous generations, displays can now be used in portrait or landscape orientation. What does that mean for the end user? If a QSR utilizes indoor digital menu boards in landscape orientation, the outdoor menus can use the same eye-catching content. This greatly reduces the life-cycle cost and time to produce creative designs for varying sizes. Landscape oriented menu boards can also be configured to have one, two, three, or four displays.  READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Announces the IceStation TITAN Winner

ITSENCLOSURES awards winner of IceStation Titan Computer Enclosure to Senior Flexonics PathwayMt. Pleasant, PA (September 4, 2015) -- In honor of the company's 30th anniversary, ITSENCLOSURES is proud to announce the winner of an IceStation TITAN. ITSENCLOSURES asked customers to submit digital pictures of IceStation enclosures installed on a factory or plant floor. The customer that submitted the best installation picture(s) would win a NEMA 12 IceStation TITAN computer enclosure.

The ITSENCLOSURES' grand prize winner was Patrick A. Miller from Senior Flexonics Pathway (A Division of Senior Operations LLC) in New Braunfels, Texas. The TITAN package is valued at over $3,500, including a filtered fan system, 6 outlet surge protector, and shipping charges. Due to the overwhelming number of entries, ITSENCLOSURES chose Nestle Prepared Foods Group in Springvale, Utah as the second place winner for the contest.

JT Spangler, ITSENCLOSURES President, was very happy with the response, "Congratulations to our two winners! It was exciting to look at all of the pictures submitted. This contest was a huge success for our company and products and it was great that the contest coincided with our 30th anniversary. We enjoy seeing our products in factory, manufacturing, and industrial settings, especially when we hear about how our enclosures make a customer's process better or more efficient. Our enclosures are built to last forever and we stand by that promise."  READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Continues to Impress with Outdoor LCD Enclosures at COTA Bus Terminal

Outdoor LCD enclosures installed in COTA Bus TerminalMt. Pleasant, PA (August 19, 2015) -- In the summer of 2014, ITSENCLOSURES installed 5 outdoor ViewStation LCD Enclosures for COTA, the Central Ohio Transit Authority. Located a few blocks from the Scioto River at 25 East Rich Street in downtown Columbus, Ohio, the LCD enclosures are suspended in a bus terminal, housed inside a transit center where buses constantly enter and exit the garage.

During the installation, experienced staff from ITSENCLOSURES were on hand to assist and oversee the successful outdoor enclosure installation. The ITSENCLOSURES' engineering team worked closely with COTA to devise a cost effective enclosure with a space saving ceiling mount. The enclosures and mounting were required to withstand up to 90 MPH winds.

JT Spangler, President at ITSENCLOSURES, added, "I was personally on hand for the installation and we had terrific support from the team at COTA. We always want to deliver the best solution. The ITS team was able to perform at the highest level and deliver some really great looking, durable enclosures for the Central Ohio Transit Authority. Our company truly does design and build the toughest enclosures on the market."  READ MORE



ITSENCLOSURES Partakes in Successful Digital Signage Installation for Miami-DADE Transit Authority

Miami DADE Transit Outdoor LCD Enclosures by ITSENCLOSURESMt. Pleasant, PA (July 27, 2015) -- The Miami-DADE Transit Authority set out to upgrade aging, static signage with vibrant, dynamic digital signage. With over 25 stations in the Miami, Florida region, the project was a sizable opportunity and would require multiple LCDs and environmental enclosures at each station.

After competitive bidding on the project was concluded, ITSENCLOSURES was awarded the LCD enclosure portion of the digital signage upgrade. The project consisted of over 100 outdoor LCD enclosures. 

"This was a huge validation of our innovative solutions at ITSENCLOSURES. We were very excited to be awarded the project and wanted it to be, not only successful for the Miami-Dade Transit Authority, but extremely beneficial to the people and travelers in the region," said J.T. Spangler, President of ITSENCLOSURES. "As always, our experienced and knowledgeable team was up for the challenge and delivered in a big way."  READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Celebrates 30 Years Protecting Electronics and Computers

ITSENCLOSURES varying product catalogs from 1985 to 2015Mt. Pleasant, PA (June 26, 2015) -- ITSENCLOSURES is proud to announce its 30th year in business. When ITSENCLOSURES first started in 1985, the average cost of a house was $40,000, 'The Cosby Show' was #1 in the Nielsen ratings, and movie theaters were packed with crowds wanting to go 'Back to the Future' with Michael J. Fox. ITSENCLOSURES has come a long way from those early days, but they have never given up on their one true goal, "To safely enclose electronic devices in any environment, protecting them from harsh surroundings, making them more powerful tools, extending their useful life, and above all else, protecting the customer's processes from costly and unnecessary downtime."

"Each and every day, ITSENCLOSURES strives to deliver the most innovative and highest quality products to our strong base of customers," said JT Spangler, President of ITSENCLOSURES.  READ MORE

ViewStation LCD Enclosures Installed at U.S. Cellular Field Still Going Strong Since 2007

U.S. Cellular Field Outdoor LCD Enclosures by ITSENCLOSURESMt. Pleasant, PA (June 10, 2015) -- U.S. Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox, turned to ITSENCLOSURES to provide a reliable LCD enclosure solution. The enclosures needed to function in direct sunlight during baseball games. U.S. Cellular Field was seeking a way to keep fans in the game, while visiting the always fun party deck. ViewStation LCD enclosures were selected and installed in the spring of 2007. 

The party deck is located above the batter's eye in center field and makes for an enjoyable hangout spot during the game. The party deck features a number of ViewStation enclosures that televise the live game, so that patrons are not missing out on the action when purchasing a Chicago-style hot dog, enjoying a cold beer or doing a little shopping.

"On a recent trip to Chicago, I was thrilled to see the enclosures performing well," said Jennifer Bissell, Director of Sales and Marketing at ITSENCLOSURES. "After almost a decade since the original installation date, the enclosures looked great" Bissell continued.

ITSENCLOSURES strives to offer the absolute best customer service and enclosure products on the market. Day in and day out, ITSENCLOSURES encloses electronics in varying environments and have grown into a formidable player in the outdoor digital signage market.  READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Installs 72inch LCD Enclosure at the New Whitney Museum of American Art

Whitney Museum of American Art Outdoor LCD Enclosure by ITSENCLOSURESMt. Pleasant, PA (May 15, 2015) -- ITSENCLOSURES recently installed another successful outdoor ViewStation LCD enclosure. The innovative enclosure solution is displayed in an upper level exhibition terrace at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. This project required a quick turnaround and ITS was able to deliver to the customer in a timely manner.

In early 2015, The Whitney Museum contacted ITSENCLOSURES to discuss the possibility of ordering an environmental enclosure for a large LCD. The enclosure would be used in an outdoor area, at the museum, in the varying hot and cold temperatures of New York City. Ed Calhoun, ITSENCLOSURES' Engineering Manager, was the project manager and worked diligently to make sure the project was accurately completed and, above all, on time.  READ MORE

Puratos Corporation Install Popular IceStation TITANS from ITSENCLOSURES

IceStation TITAN computer enclosure by ITSENCLOSURESMt. Pleasant, PA (May 4, 2015) -- ITSENCLOSURES is proud to announce another successful IceStation TITAN installation. The Puratos Corporation, in Pennsauken, New Jersey, is in the process of consolidating two plants and upgrading equipment, which now includes IceStation TITAN pc enclosures. Puratos is a premium supplier of products that compliment baking, pastry and chocolate products.

ITSENCLOSURES visited the Puratos plant in February of 2014 to assist in the development of a solution for Puratos pc enclosure needs. JT Spangler, President of ITSENCLOSURES, was on hand for the tour of the plant. "We love to visit our customers in the manufacturing environment to gather vital data about our client's needs. We feel it is better to connect with our customers in person, so that we can make an accurate and precise enclosure recommendation," said Mr. Spangler.

After observing the plant and electronics that required secure protection, ITSENCLOSURES recommended that Puratos install the IceStation TITAN enclosure models. The Titan is rated for NEMA 12 and NEMA 4X. Each Puratos enclosure would house a barcode printer, a PC and a wide screen monitor.  READ MORE

ViewStation by ITSENCLOSURES Reinvigorates Past Project at the Mall at Partridge Creek

Mall at Partridge Creek Outdoor LCD Enclosure by ITSENCLOSURESMt. Pleasant, PA (April 21, 2015) -- ITSENCLOSURES is proud to announce another successful ViewStation installation at the Mall at Partridge Creek, located in Clinton Township, Michigan - a suburb of Detroit. The project was originally completed in 2007, when ITSENCLOSURES installed two 50 inch ViewStation Universal enclosures with 4000 BTU air conditioners. 

In 2014, The Mall at Partridge Creek reached out to ITSENCLOSURES, once again, to brainstorm the possibility of installing all-new enclosure models. The Mall wanted to upgrade to a more energy efficient solution that would eliminate the need for the air conditioner. 

ITSENCLOSURES was tasked to create a custom bracket allowing the existing post (from the first project) to remain mounted in the ground. Partridge Creek also requested that the speakers be incorporated into the front of the enclosure. The previous LCD enclosures had separate speakers mounted on the post (directly under the ViewStation enclosure), which had been vandalized a few times over the years. 

The Mall at Partridge felt that the original project was a wonderful investment. Dennis Dettmer, Operations Director at the Mall exclaimed, "The previous units were very high quality units! They performed admirably. We place a term on all assets and this was a seven year term."

With the advancement of technology, ITSENCLOSURES suggested the installation of energy efficient/fan cooled, full sun outdoor LCD enclosures. The Mall unanimously agreed to the state-of-the-art enclosures and installation began in the summer of 2014. ITSENCLOSURES removed the original enclosures and installed the new, energy efficient, fan cooled units.  READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Installs ViewStation QSR Fan Cooled Menu board at Burger King in Fort Hood, Texas

Burger King Outdoor Digital Menu Board by ITSENCLOSURESMt. Pleasant, PA (March 23, 2015) -- ITSENCLOSURES is proud to announce the latest ViewStation QSR installation in Fort Hood, Texas. The recently introduced Fan Cooled Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Digital Menu Board was greeted with great fanfare from employees and customers alike. The bright and simple to read menu board will make ordering Whoppers, fries, and salads easier and quicker. With fan cooled technology, ITSENCLOSURES' new outdoor digital menu board boasts a 66% energy consumption reduction, compared to compressor based competitors.

ITSENCLOSURES' President, J.T. Spangler, was on site during the removal of the old static sign and installation of the new digital menu board. "From fast food restaurants to sports stadiums to transportation terminals, it is always a pleasure to see our high quality digital menu boards replace old, tired, and static signage," said Spangler. "I love to see first-hand the dramatic difference between our digital menu board systems and static signage at drive-thru's, like the one at the Fort Hood Burger King."  READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Donates to the University of Pittsburgh's 'Falk Laboratory School'

ITSENCLOSURES donates $10,000 to University of Pittsburgh's Falk Laboratory SchoolMt Pleasant, PA (March 11, 2015) -- ITSENCLOSURES, the leader in computer and display enclosure protection, recently made a generous donation to the Falk Laboratory School, located in Oakland, Pennsylvania.  Affiliated with the School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh, the Fanny Edel Falk Laboratory School is a K-8 tuition-based laboratory school, which is known for providing a learning environment that is grounded in community, diversity, and progressive and experimental education.

ITSENCLOSURES' President, J.T. Spangler was on hand to deliver a $10,000 check to the Falk Laboratory School on March 4th, 2015.  "It's an honor to donate to such a wonderful institution," said Spangler.  "We love the fact that we are helping young minds become better educated and better trained to go out in the real world and make a real difference. These students work hard and want to excel, and we certainly admire their tenacity."   READ MORE

ITSENCLOSURES Launches Fan-Cooled Outdoor Digital Menu Board

Dunkin' Donuts Outdoor Digital Menu Board by ITSENCLOSURESMt. Pleasant, PA (February 12, 2015) -- With over 30 years of enclosure experience, ViewStation QSR by ITSENCLOSURES is field-proven by deployments at many popular quick service restaurants throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

ITSENCLOSURES designed its ViewStation QSR enclosure to house LCDs and other electronics in the harsh outdoor environments in quick service drive-thru lanes.  ITSENCLOSURES has developed and incorporated a propriety air conditioner-less cooling system that allows functionality from -20° to 110º F, even with direct sunlight exposure.  The ViewStation QSR enclosure system is UL Listed and built to meet NEMA 3R ratings.

To keep up with the growing demand of outdoor digital menu boards, ITSENCLOSURES recently announced its Third generation ViewStation QSR line.  We were very excited to launch our Generation III outdoor digital menu boards in early 2015," says J.T. Spangler, president of ITSENCLOSURES.  "The new and improved ViewStation QSR models have reduced operating costs by as much as 2/3 from our original design.  The Generation III does not employ a costly to operate air conditioner but rather direct cooling, innovative filtration and the latest in IPS display technology.  This represents a big leap forward from our first generation enclosure product."

The third generation outdoor digital menu boards are designed around the use of the most up to date IPS (In-Plane Switching technology) LCD panel.  READ MORE

Barbadian Restaurant Chain 'Chefette' Teams Up with ITSENCLOSURES

Chefette Restaurants Outdoor Digital Menu Board by ITSENCLOSURESMt. Pleasant, PA (October 31, 2013) -- As digital signage continues to grow, so do the number of quick service restaurants (QSR's) making the transition to digital menu boards, especially in the drive-thru.  Many large QSR chains are making positive strides to add outdoor digital menu boards to their stores.  With the power of suggestive selling, the ability to make changes to menu items quickly and the opportunity to maximize high profit sales items, it comes as no surprise that other QSR's are following suit.

Chefette Restaurants Ltd, a family owned quick service restaurant chain located on Barbados, made the transition to digital menu boards in early 2013.  Chefette's goal was to remain ultra-modern and strengthen its brand image.  Digital menu boards solidified Chefette's cutting edge reputation.  READ MORE


Cooling system key to new outdoor digital signage enclosures?

Digital Signage Today (August 29, 2010) -- One digital signage enclosure company is filling an early market gap in the digital signage for restaurant industry, and is doing so in a revolutionary, yet simple, way. 

ITSENCLOSURES, a manufacturer of outdoor housing units for digital signage screens, has been testing and rolling out a new proprietary cooling system for its ViewStation products that has gotten the attention of one of the nation's largest restaurant chains.  READ MORE




Control Engineering (April 8, 2010) -- The new IceStation TITAN by ITSENCLOSURES can provide benefits on the shop floor, where time is money, by protecting shop-floor computers.

The last thing a company needs is the computer system going down because of the work environment. This enclosure features a viewing window suited to accommodate wide screen LCDs up to 24-in., a retractable keyboard drawer, customizable front panel and a large work surface. The icestation Titan is designed to keep a computer running in any environment.  READ MORE



ITSENCLOSURES Celebrates 25 Years of Computer Protection

itsenclosures icestation 25 years anniversary 1985 to 2010 pc enclosures computer enclosuresThomas Publishing Company (March 16, 2010) -- Twenty-five years ago, ITSENCLOSURES began making high quality industrial computer enclosures and made an immediate impact on the computer protection industry. Today, the company has evolved beyond its industrial roots to also enclose today's highly sensitive LCD large format displays for the digital signage industry. ITS is a recognized leader in quality, service, application and affordability in the enclosure market.

"ITS is proud to celebrate this landmark achievement," ITSENCLOSURES president JT Spangler said. "We credit our longevity to an unending commitment to our customers and manufacturing the best enclosure products on the market. Our determination to consistently deliver the highest quality service will undoubtedly propel us forward."  READ MORE


ITSENCLOSURES Launches ViewStation Touch Screen Technology

LCD Enclosures and Kiosks feature touch screen technology ITSENCLOSURESThomas Publishing Company (August 01, 2009) -- ITSENCLOSURES, a leader in computer and LCD enclosure protection equipment, has added a new feature to its ViewStation enclosure products. Taking it to the next level, ITSENCLOSURES has now added touch screen technology to its ViewStation family of LCD enclosures and Kiosks. 

This application ensures total environmental protection within a standard ViewStation, offering full touch screen capabilities for both indoor and outdoor venues.  READ MORE


ITSENCLOSURES Extends Product Line Launching the New QSR Enclosure

itsenclosures viewstation lcd enclosure qsr quick service restaurantThomas Publishing Company (March 20, 2009) -- ITSENCLOSURES, the expert in electronic video display and computer protection equipment, has added a new unit to their wide assortment of enclosures. ViewStation introduces the new QSR Enclosure.

The new enclosure was originally designed and developed for the Quick Serve Restaurant industry, but can easily adapt to any drive-thru application, such as banks and pharmacies.  READ MORE



ITSENCLOSURES Launches a "One-of-a-Kind" Billboard Sized Enclosure

viewstation array 6 screens indoor lcd enclosure itsenclosuresThomas Publishing Company (February 29, 2008) -- ITSENCLOSURES, the expert in electronic display and computer protection equipment, recently introduced the ViewStation Array, digital signage hardware enclosure.

A combination of LCD displays, thermal management and enclosure protection, the ViewStation Array employs over 20 years of enclosure experience and up to six 46" LCD displays within the same "billboard-sized" (12'x14') enclosure.  READ MORE



ITSENCLOSURES Offers Complete Protection for Plasma and LCD Displays

viewstation lcd enclosure plasma itsenclosures all weatherThomas Publishing Company (January 20, 2007) -- ITSENCLOSURES, the expert in electronic display and computer protection equipment, offers a complete line of products to protect standard size, large format plasma or LCD displays.

"We're seeing more and more plasma and LCD displays being used in various locations," said John Spangler, ITSENCLOSURES president. "Left unprotected, this equipment is subject to theft, vandalism, the elements and curious 'button pushers.' We saw a need, so we worked to develop a complete product line specifically for large format displays that would protect these investments and help to extend their useful life."  READ MORE


ITSENCLOSURES Introduces Viewstation for LCD and Plasma Monitors

lcd enclosure viewstation itsenclosures indoors or outdoorsThomas Publishing Company (June 22, 2005) -- ITSENCLOSURES, the expert in electronic display and computer protection equipment, today unveiled the new Viewstation, a large format display enclosure.

Viewstation is the first and only enclosure on the market designed specifically to protect standard size, large format plasma or LCD displays. With the Viewstation, LCD and plasma displays are protected indoors or outdoors at airports, hotels, stadiums, arenas, shopping malls, universities and convention centers.  READ MORE

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